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Important Out of State Information

Subject to Virginia Code Section 65.2-802, which provides in part that benefits payable shall extend only to employees otherwise eligible for coverage under the Virginia Act, workers’ compensation coverage to members of the Commonwealth Contractors Group Self-Insurance Association may include losses that occur in states other than Virginia provided:

(a) The injured employee was working within the scope of his employment and at the employer’s direction;

(b) The injured employee was regularly employed in Virginia;

(c) The work in the other state was incidental to work performed in Virginia;

(d) The work in the other state was temporary and transitory; and

(e) It is legal under regulatory law of Virginia and the other state.

Commonwealth Contractors Group Self-Insurance Association is only qualified in Virginia and it is up to the member to determine whether this extension of benefits for losses in other states complies with or is acceptable to other states.

Additionally, if work out-of-state exceeds 5% of the member’s projected annualized payroll, and/or involves the hiring of out-of-state employees, the member employer MUST obtain separate coverage elsewhere for that exposure.

Failure to obtain separate coverage for out-of-state work, when required, could jeopardize your payment of benefits.  Also, in some states, you could be subject to penalties or fines if you do not have Workers’ Compensation insurance issued by a carrier licensed to do business in that state.