Virginia Commerce Group Self-Insurance Association (VCGSIA)

If, like most Virginia Employers, you feel bruised and battered by the high cost of workers’ compensation insurance, its time you learned about the Virginia Commerce Groups Self Insurance Association (VCGSIA), founded in 1982. The VCGSIA acts like a Co Op. Your premium will be combined with the other members and that fund pays all the claims for the member. Any money remaining after claims and administration is then returned to the members. Close to $12.5 million in dividends has been paid to members since inception.

The VCGSIA helps you save money by offering good rates and an excellent premium refund plan that rewards your safety efforts. Members have consistently earned generous refunds.

The primary reason for the existence of the VCGSIA is to provide significant savings to its members. This is accomplished four ways.

  • Selectivity on accepting new members for the group
  • Careful claim payment and diligent claim investigation
  • A strong safety engineering (loss control) program
  • An innovative medical cost containment plan