General Facts

Eligible Members: Construction Related Contractors
Plan Year: April 1 through March 31
Number of Members: 1500+
Approximate Annual Premium (To Date) $34,000,000
AM Best Ratiing A- (Excellent)
Plan Reinsurer: Safety National Casualty Corporation
A. M. Best Rating:  A- (Excellent), with a Financial Strength rating of IX
Reinsurance Specifications: Specific Contract: $1,000,000 retention with Statutory limits
Aggregate Contract: Self-funded by the Association
Employers' Liability: $100/500/100
Additional limits can be requested
Projected Refunds: Over the last 21 years members have received, on average, a 21.5% refund of premium. (members with no losses)
Administrator: Self-Insured Concepts, Inc. – Midlothain, Virginia
Service Company: Landin, Inc. - Richmond, Virginia
Regulatory Agency: Virginia Bureau of Insurance - Richmond, Virginia
Investment Custodian: SunTrust Bank - Richmond, Virginia
CPA Firm: Adams, Jenkins & Cheatham, P. C.